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Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development

UNDAF’s contribution to NDP Strategic Intent No. 3: Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development

The GoU seeks to realize this vision by prioritizing value-chain investments in agriculture, tourism, minerals development, infrastructure and human capital.

Natural Resources Management and Climate Change Resilience

Support will also focus on establishing alternate livelihoods for communities, promoting conservation and use of alternate energy sources. UN support will specifically include; (a) support policy implementation capacity, particularly gender-responsive programmes that increase energy access and consumption efficiency, especially clean energy, (b) promoting innovation capacity to develop locally-appropriate solutions for sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystems, human settlements, chemicals, and environmentally harmful waste, (c) strengthening national capacity in disaster forecasting and response tracking, and (d) strengthening mainstreaming capacity and bio-diversity conservation.

Integrated Infrastructure, Production and Trade Development for Job Creation

UN support will focus on ensuring equitable access to employment opportunities and productive assets. More specifically, UN support will target capacity building in innovation and value addition, corporate governance and entrepreneurship development.


The UN contribution in this regard will focus on building national capacity to ensure that policy and regulatory frameworks increase access to labour markets.

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