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The UNCT’s priority is to support Good Governance outcomes in the first two years of the UNDAF cycle through joint advocacy and monitoring and evaluations. The UNDAF contributes to four mutually reinforcing outcomes in the following areas: (a) Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy, (b) Human Rights and Gender Equality, (c) Institutional Development, Transparency and Accountability, and (d) Peace, Security and Resilience.

Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy

The UN will support the GoU to further consolidate the rule of law, including constitutional democracy. Specifically, the UN will promote and support efforts towards legal reforms, including (i) establishment of an independent electoral system to ensure that the upcoming 2016 and future elections are credible and peaceful, (ii) support the updating, harmonization and coherence of laws, and (iii) strengthen the capacity of law enforcement systems for full respect of human rights and equitable access to justice. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring equitable access to formal and informal justice systems, especially for poor and disadvantaged groups.

Human Rights and Gender Equality

The UN will strengthen its support for promotion of human rights and gender equality. Support will include inter alia, capacity building for enacting and implementing laws on gender equality, empowerment of women and the girl-child, gender mainstreaming, engagement and participation of non-state actors, ratification and domestication of international treaties on human and women’s rights, as well as timely and quality reporting on progress.

Institutional Development, Transparency and Accountability

UN support will specifically focus on strengthening performance of targeted public service delivery institutions and promoting Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs), promotion of innovation and knowledge generation supported by independent oversight and evaluation systems, as well as civil participation towards enforcement of accountability, transparency and integrity. Through its advocacy and capacity building, the UN will also contribute to strengthen systems for the prevention, detection and redress of corruption.

Peace, Security and Resilience

The UN will contribute to establishment of regulatory framework and mechanisms to foster national resilience to natural or man-made disasters, cross-border security threats; and to support the establishment and strengthening of regional partnerships for effective implementation of regional and other international peace building instruments. Special focus will be given to establishment of measures to strengthen resilience at community level, targeting particularly vulnerable communities such as refugee populations and host communities.

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