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United Nations Uganda Vision 2030

The United Nations system is committed to supporting Government towards the achievement of NDP III and SDG targets, and promotion of regional integration, peace and security, by addressing Africa Union Agenda 2063 and East African Vision 2050. In this regard, the United Nations system is committed to contributing towards the development and social transformation of a Ugandan society where there is good governance, observance of human rights, justice, peace and security; gender equality and equity, effective participation in inclusive and sustainable economic development and decent job creation as well as equitable access to and utilization of quality basic social and protection services. 
The United Nations Uganda’s Vision 2030: A Transformed Inclusive Ugandan Society Where People have Improved Quality of Life and Resilience for Sustainable Development.
Noting the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters and risks across Uganda, including frequently-occurring landslides, floods, droughts and in 2020 a locust invasion and the COVID-19 pandemic, UNCT commits to adopts strategies that will: leverage on technology and innovations (Uganda´s digital transformation); support Government effective role and investment in the economy; enhance productivity and job security in micro, small and medium enterprises; support increased demand for and access to quality and inclusive basic and social protection services; and strengthen disaster risk reduction systems at national, local government, sectoral, community and household levels. The Cooperation Framework 2021-2025 has thus been designed to ensure this approach is streamlined across all three strategic priorities and outcomes.
The United Nations system recognizes that the Government of Uganda demonstrated able leadership by making bold moves as an early starter in the localization of the United Nations reform. The key milestones achieved in the implementation of the United Nations reform include: 
  • Establishment of the New Generation Country Team, with representation from the Government, UNCT, development partners and international financial institutions, private sector, civil society, traditional leaders and faith-based organizations, youth, academia and the media; 
  • Establishment of the national SDG Secretariat at the Office of the Prime Minister in March 2019, with the responsibility of supporting coordination for localization and implementation of the SDGs by government ministries, departments and agencies, the private sector and civil society. 
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