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One Programme

One Programme brings all members of the UN Country Team together under one nationally-owned strategy that draws on the full range of UN expertise. With full participation of relevant national and international partners, the UN Resident Coordinator lead the UN Country Team through UNDAF development process, to create a set of strategic results based on national priorities, internationally agreed development goals, and the UN’s capacity and comparative advantages. The outcomes are listed in the UNDAF as measurable, costed outputs resulting from UN support to national partners.

The issue of “joint programming” is one of the key gains that emerged from the DaO initiative. The UNCTs are truly exploring how the UN system can respond to national priorities by joint analysis, joint thinking, joint prioritization, and joint budgeting. Joint programming enables greater responsiveness to national priorities. Through joint programming, UN Country Teams are looking at the UN system-wide and, more inclusively, drawing on the mandate, experience and expertise of all UN agencies to address the national priorities.

The One UN Programme allows space for cross-cutting themes, the normative agenda, increased possibility for upstream work required by governments, and increased consideration of the experience and expertise of all UN agencies, including the non-resident agencies. This increased role in policy support results in more coherent advocacy by the UN system on national priorities and the Post 2015 development agenda.

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