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Common Budget Framework

Funding the Cooperation Framework

The UNCT will develop the funding framework that will emphasize the allocation of resources in the context of larger flows to support NDP III and SDGs. United Nations resources will play a complementary and catalytic role in order to:

 Address barriers to SDG financing,
 Facilitate dialogue with diverse partners and enable governments identify new sources of SDG financing; and
 Better align existing financial resources with national SDG plans.

The funding framework will respond to the requirements of the funding compact agreed by Member States, committing the United Nations development system to more transparency and accountability for its expenditure, more effectiveneness and efficiency in the use of limited resources, and clearer communication on work and achievements. The funding framework will represent a consolidation of the agreed, costed results of the Cooperation Framework including operations and communications. It will provide an overall picture of the (1) amount, (2) type, (3) source, (4) duration, and (5) sequence of financial resources, including the required amounts, available resources and resource mobilization needs. It will function as a financial planning, resource management and mobilization tool of the UNCT, Government, and other stakeholders.

The United Nations Uganda Multi-Partner Trust Fund established in early 2020 will support UNCT leveraging financing of national development priorities through the Cooperation Framework. The UNCT will continue exploring financing opportunities from global joint funds, such as the Migration Fund, and the Joint SDG Fund among others, while building partnerships for new development financing opportunities.

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