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Youth called to be drivers of social change in Uganda

By Monicah Aturinda, United Nations Resident Coordinators Office (RCO)

The United Nations Resident Coordinator, Ms. Rosa Malango has called on youth in Buganda Kingdom to be drivers of social change needed in the value system of Uganda.

Ms. Malango said this at the launch of the Buganda Youth Mentorship and Leadership Camp 2018 (Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka Gatonnya 2018) held in Bulange Mengo, Kampala. The occasion is a symbolic transfer of duty from the previous host school of Ekisaakaate to the incoming host school.

“Ekisaakaate is a good innovation for breeding a social movement that has the consequence of creating a new breed of transformative leadership and a moral responsible generation that holds within its reach, the ability to sustain peace and development in a world where the two are in great jeopardy,” said Ms. Malango.

She added that putting culture and peace at the heart of peace and development will enable us to create a new generation of citizens who are respectful, hardworking and caring.

The Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Ms. Jennifer Musisi who was the chiefguest, asked the youth to uphold obuntubulamu values in their lives - respect for each other and every individual regardless of their status.

“I am able to deliver at my job because my mother instilled good values of obuntubulamu when I was young and they are my guiding principle that are leading me to do great thing for my family, country and others,” said Ms. Musisi.

“A number of people have look at Ekisaakaate as a practice for only Buganda, but this is wrong because it is for anyone who is interested in the positive values and life skills that it teaches,” said Ms. Deborah Kaddu Serwadda Executive Director of the Nnabagereka Development Foundation(NDF).

Freedom Ahereza, a student of Seeta Church of Uganda Primary School said her life has transformed after attending Ekisaakaate last year, “I can now help my mother to do house chores something I never used to do,” said Ahereza. He encouraged every youth to attend Ekisaakaate because he believes it the good values of togetherness it teaches.

The Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka is NDF’s annual flagship program that is open to both girls and boys between 6 and 18 years of age. Going into its twelfth year of existence, the EKN continues to attract youth from various regions and ethnic groups in Uganda. Currently, it has impacted on close to twelve thousand youth (12,000) in and outside Uganda.

The UN in Uganda is partnering with NDF on the revival of Obuntubulamu using positive set of cultural values as a tool for bringing about social transformation to ensure Uganda achieves vision 2040. In June, this year, the first ever roundtable for different cultural institutions Uganda was held, which demonstrated the willingness and drive for cultural leaders to champion the positive cultural values and pass them on to the young generation.

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