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Women peace keepers train at UN Regional Service Centre Entebbe

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day, United Nations kicked off two weeks training for uniformed women peace keepers at UN Regional Service Centre (RSCE), Entebbe. According to United Nations Signals Academy (UNSA), programme manager, Mr. Sam Leal, the second training aims at equipping women with skills for equal employment opportunities as a fulfillment to UN Secretary Generals global call.

“Uganda to host the training is a significant achievement for the country. It is manif estation of the confidence that UN Missions around the world have in the information communication technology facilities. It is a demonstration that RCSE Entebbe growing stature as training centre of global repute,” Mr. Leal said.

Chief RSCE Ms. Safia Boly said the centre now supports 20 peace keeping missions mostly in Africa that has steadily grown from three a couple of years ago.

Speaking at the official opening of the training in Entebbe Monday 6th 2017, Mr. Leal said the uniformed women peace keepers two weeks ICT induction training has attracted 39 females from various member states.

The participants are from Bangladesh, Ecuador, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania and Sierra. Others are Leone, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The event is mainly sponsored by Japan. The first event was held in November 2016 with women military and police officers from 27 countries.”

Chief Guest at the meeting Japan Deputy Ambassador to Uganda Mr. Yutaka Naakamura said, “Today, the international community faces a number of new challenges to be addressed, such as increasing number of regional and ethnic conflicts, poverty, sustainable development, climate change, and human rights issues.”

Adding, “These global challenges should be addressed by the United Nations with its universal character. For nearly three decades, Japan has been the second largest contributor to the UN’s finances after the United States, and Japan is an indispensable partner in the management of the UN,” he said. Mr. Nakamura further explained that Japan made a funding of $2.55 million for the training.

“UN has procured equipment in order to strengthening the project team and conducting training,” he said.

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