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The United Nations (UN) is an impartial and trusted partner in Uganda, supporting the Government to achieve its development goals. The United Nations Country Team (UNCT), is comprised of 22 resident and non-resident UN agencies1. Recent achievements and challenges of the UN in Uganda include:4

a) Support to humanitarian crisis, recovery and peace building resulting in the successful transition of Northern Uganda from emergency to recovery and development, as well as laying the foundation for improving livelihoods of half the population of Karamoja from aid dependency to some level of self- reliance. However, Northern Uganda continues to carry the burden of refugees from South Sudan, and still lags behind the rest of the country, thereby underscoring the need to bridge the gap between humanitarian and development.

b) Strengthened government capacity to formulate and implement its socio-economic policies in line with key crosscutting principles (gender, HIV and AIDS, population, environment and human rights), resulting in successful reforms that have positively impacted on the national health indicators. UN support alsostrengthened decentralization, thereby improving accountability and promoting local ownership of development programmes and projects. However, local governments still face challenges in coordination and coherent implementation of policies and laws at local level.

c) Strengthening national capacity in human-rights and evidence-based planning, including development of the second National Development Plan (NDP II), which was informed by national surveys such as the 2014national census and analytics on the demographic dividend supported by the UN. National planning processes have also been enriched by innovative tools provided by the UN for good planning and programming2.Nonetheless, challenges remain with regards to availability of reliable data for some key development indicators, quality of data (especially administrative data) and systematic quality assurance.

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